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charmm (c45b2)

Chemistry at HARvard Macromolecular Mechanics
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Version 24b1 - August 15, 1995

Copyright(c) 1984,1987,1991,1994,1995
President and Fellows of Harvard College

All rights reserved

You are now using the INFO facility to view CHARMM 24
documentation. The paper; CHARMM: A Program for Macromolecular
Energy, Minimization, and Dynamics Calculations. J. Comp. Chem., Vol.
4, p187 (1983), is considered to be an integral part of this
documentation. In places, this documentation and the paper will
conflict. In all such cases, the documentation presented here should
take precedence.

* commands: Discription and syntax of CHARMM commands
* install: Release notes
How to install CHARMM on a user site
* usage: How to use CHARMM
* support: Supporting data files and utilities
* testcase: CHARMM testcases
* developer: Notes for CHARMM developers
* changelog: New features and Modifications
* parallel: CHARMM on parallel platforms